Thursday, July 03, 2014

I Worry More About Car Bomb Footprints

Is global warming causing the ISIS uprising in Syria and Iraq?

I guess the causal relationship the man has in mind (tip to Instapundit) is global warming causes drought which causes misery which causes jihadis to flock to the source of the drought to slaughter people to moisten the soil.

Or something. Is global warming the cause of Low-T?

Look, since droughts happen in any climate, it is possible that drought in the region has had an effect. Although you have to admit that if it took place in Utah, we likely wouldn't see the response as slaughtering those of a slightly different religion.

More importantly, you cannot tie the drought to global warming because of the simple fact that the global temperature has not gone up in more than a decade and a half.

Sure, if you fervently believe mankind's production of carbon dioxide is the dominant factor in our climate you can think this decade and a half is a "pause." And you may be right.

Maybe even a natural explanation for "the pause" can be found that doesn't undermine the claim that mankind rather than natural factors is the dominant input in our climate.

But you must admit that there is a pause right now. Which means that global warming cannot possibly be the cause of the specific drought being blamed for the jihadi rise.

Which means ... get a grip, dude. You sound like an idiot.

Let's worry more about car bomb footprints rather than carbon footprints, okay? We've yet to have any significant "pause" in this problem.