Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Because Bad Things Happen in Threes?

This is a big "well, duh" comprehension moment for Ukraine:

The Ukrainian city of Lviv withdrew its bid for the 2022 Winter Games on Monday, becoming the third contender to drop out of the race for an Olympics that no one seems to want.

Let's see. Russia invaded Georgia during the 2008 Summer Olympics and hit Ukraine just after the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Perhaps it is wise not to devote scarce national resources to buying things that aren't tanks and air defense missiles, eh?

Hey, best of luck to Khazakstan, China, or Norway, who are still in the running for host duties.

Is Norway sure they want it?

"The Norwegians want NATO to look at ye olde plans and come up with some new ones," Saidaman writes, "since the old ones were overcome by events in 1989-1991."

In short, Norway wants the alliance to be better prepared to fight a war in an Arctic environment.

" The Norwegians would like to see more NATO activity up in the high north — more training, more doctrine, more exercises and the like — since it is a difficult 'battlespace,'" writes Saideman.

That might be wise. And ditch the "we are the world" Olympics charade in order to prepare for that Arctic environment.