Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Battle for Baghdad?

So ISIL/ISIS (now known just as Prince Islamic State) could be preparing to launch an attack on Baghdad over the next 5 days?

I remain frustrated that the initial jihadi seizure of Ramadi and Fallujah back in January, among other locations in Anbar, was allowed to stand without more vigorous Iraqi efforts to reclaim the cities and defeat the jihadis.

When ISIS exploited Sunni Arab uprising in Mosul and the north in June, rather than being a more limited gain, that offensive created along with Anbar a vast area of jihad-friendly territory joined to the Syrian provinces under jihadi control.

If the Iraqis can't manage to start seriously counter-attacking and driving jihadis back somewhere, the track record is that the jihadis could add more territory to their realm.

At some point, the Iraqis have to defeat the Islamic State. We have an interest in helping that along. With a little sense of urgency, please.