Tuesday, July 22, 2014

As Far From Cyber-War As It Gets

Salute Ryan Pitts, newest Medal of Honor recipient:

Alone and losing blood, Pitts radioed Myer to inform him that everyone at the OP was dead or gone. Myer told Pitts, he had no one to send as reinforcement for the OP. At this point, the insurgents were in such close proximity to Pitts, Soldiers at the command post and those listening on the same channel at FOB Blessing could hear enemy voices through the radio. Despite this, Pitts remained determined to bring the fight to the enemy before they overwhelmed the OP.

It was obvious at the time that the troops at Wanat fought an epic battle.

Never forget that all the high-tech weapons and Internet reach-back capabilities that people dream will make war a push-button exercise are just so much expensive junk if not wielded by determined soldiers who fight, kill, and die at the pointy end of the stick against bloodthirsty enemies within hand grenade range.