Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Science Literacy, Damn It!

It frustrates me that the vast majority of those who adhere to the global warming creed have little background to justify their faith. Yet they are assumed to be "pro-science." No matter what. If you care, all is forgiven--and forgotten.

I'm sure I noted this study when it came out (why yes I did! Indeed, this is the third time. Forgive me.). But this take on it is both amusing and frustrating:

In a survey published last year, Americans rated as highly individualistic were the least concerned about climate change, probably because they tend to value freedom in private markets and industry. More community-focused people tend to blame industry for social inequalities and welcome laws limiting industry.

The study also revealed something counterintuitive: The people most knowledgable sbout science and who had the best grasp of math and numbers were the ones least concerned about climate change. [emphasis added]

Not that global warming believers uniquely lacked science knowledge. The article didn't say that and I'm not claiming that.

But the assumption that I am a global warming "denier" because I don't have my panties in a twist over the issue is ludicrous. I actually passed some college-level education in computer programming, math, astronomy, physics, and statistics. I would never claim to be a climate expert. But I think I can read about it with some ability to analyze what I'm reading and judge the reliability of those making claims.

Certainly I have a better ability to do that than the vast majority of those who think global warming is a major problem and that the global warming solutions proposed are correct. I could still be wrong, of course. But I do have the capacity to look at the issue.

Yet that ability cuts me no slack with the global warmers. Note the delicious turn of phrase in the article that displays an amazing lack of awareness, that the correlation between those who have more math and science knowledge and those least concerned about global warming is "something counter-intuitive."

I protest that it is only "counter-intuitive" if you believe that global warming science is a fact and you are simply trying to understand why the denier idiots don't believe in global warming--and you are shocked that you didn't find they are actually idiots.

Shouldn't the correlation between science and math knowledge and disregard of the panicky predictions of the warmists give the global warmers pause to consider that maybe the science isn't as settled as they claim? Maybe they are the ones who are wrong? Maybe their solutions are flawed? Maybe they are the ones influenced by their basic thinking patterns rather than the science?

Nah! Global warming is science, damn it! Smash the heretics! Banish them! Arrest them! Kill them! All of them! Deny space aliens an excuse to wipe us out!

Remember, the global warmists are super geniuses. I'm a "denier." And I am a "denier." I admit it. But I don't deny science. I deny the claims of the warmists. Two different things.

Now go and emit no more.

Sorry. This clearly strikes a sore spot. I live in ground zero of global warming faith and it affects my dating life. Life would be easier if I spouted the "right" things. I'll not deny that.

UPATE: Thanks to Pseudo-Polymath for the link.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn has related thoughts on efforts to enforce conformity in the purportedly scientific community. This is the necessary facade to convince people that resistance to the consensus is futile--and tiring. The vanguard of the warmetariat are dangerous people, at heart, and not just a danger to science.