Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Common Enemy

Talks about bringing the Sunni Arabs into the new Iraq have stalled:

Saad Yousif al-Muttalibi of the Ministry of National Dialogue and Reconciliation said talks have been taking place inside and outside Iraq over the past three months and involved five or six insurgent groups.

The jihadis are not part of this process. Indeed, they are the intended target, he said:

"One of the aims is to join with them in the fight against al-Qaida (in Iraq)," he told the BBC.

It is taking far more time for the Iraqi Sunni Arabs to get with the program I first predicted over two years ago, but they seem to be moving the way I saw it:

As sovereignty passes more and more to the Iraqis in concrete terms, it will be easier for the non-Baathist Sunnis to join other Iraqis to kill and expel the foreign invaders--the Islamists--and subdue the Baathists who aid the foreign invaders.
The Sunni Arabs of Iraq could regain some good will that they've lost by their centuries of misrule and four years of terrorism against the Shias and Kurds by fully fighting these jihadi invaders .

Yet the Sunni Arabs of Iraq have been stupid for a long time despite ample opportunities to get a clue.