Sunday, July 01, 2018

How Much Better Can the Timing Be?

I may have to consider whether my long expectation that Israel intends to tear up Hezbollah in a large ground raid is wrong.

Because if the Southern Front rebels are defeated to free up pro-Assad forces, Israel loses an advantage of striking north while Assad's forces are too busy in the south.

And while Hezbollah has been bled white in Syria fighting for Assad, with time they will recover and reset to face Israel.

And it sure looks like those rebels are down for the count:

The Syrian army seized more towns in the southwest on Saturday, as air strikes pounded others that still held out against the rapid offensive and rebels said they had begun negotiating peace terms through the government's ally Russia.

Is Israel losing the best chance to hammer and maybe uproot Hezbollah from southern Lebanon?

UPDATE: Oh com on! Hezbollah is leading the Assad offensive in southwest Syria against remnant rebels denied American support:

Hezbollah's role in the offensive near the border with Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights has also defied Israeli demands that Iranian proxies be kept away from its frontier - a fault line of the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict.

"Hezbollah is a fundamental participant in planning and directing this battle," a commander in the regional alliance that backs Damascus told Reuters. "Everyone knows this - the Israeli enemy, friends, and even the Russians."

Hezbollah's role includes directing Syrian forces, the commander said. It has also deployed its own elite forces.

Assad's regime--which prior to the civil war that became a multi-war controlled the border and kept it quiet--is so weak that it is just a dried out husk fleshed out and given strength by Iran, Russia, and a non-state actor.

Is Israel really going to allow Hezbollah--and thus Iran--extend their front from the Lebanese border to Golan, too?