Friday, June 29, 2018

Settled? Or Suspended?

Would India be able to settle border disputes with Pakistan through the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested that harmonious cooperation in the SCO may pave the way for an India-Pakistan rapprochement, recalling that SCO membership had facilitated resolution of China’s boundary disputes with Russia and Central Asian countries. Chinese officials have also expressed this hope. The circumstances are not comparable. China made substantial concessions to settle its boundary disputes with Russia and Central Asia, in pursuit of larger strategic and economic objectives in the region. [emphasis added]

Perhaps the Central Asia issue is correct. But in regard to large chunks of the Far East that Russia took from China in the 19th century, I thought the Russians and Chinese only suspended their border disputes until 2021.

China could renew the suspension if they wish (and Russia would of course agree, given that the disputed territory is inside Russia). But will China do that?

And if China does extend the suspension of their claims, what price will China exact from Russia?

UPDATE: Okay, I guess I really didn't have a question about whether India and Pakistan can settle their border disputes given I don't think Russia and China did. So, no.