Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Preparing for the Big One

The Marine Corps is looking at deploying large formations for conventional war:

The Marine Corps wants to focus its continental U.S.-based forces training for a high-end large-scale war, in case a conflict on the Korean Peninsula or elsewhere requires a massive surge force.

Whereas most training over the last decades has focused on smaller-level operations – training for a Marine Expeditionary Unit deploying aboard a three-ship Amphibious Ready Group, or training for a deployment to the Middle East – Marine leadership today wants CONUS forces training for a joint fight that might include 20 warships, Air Force bombers, a hefty Army presence and Marine Reserve units.

As I've long noted, since the end of World War II the Marines have been the most capable ground force that has fought alongside the Army in our nation's wars. So it is nice to have them back thinking about high-end large-scale war.

I'd actually like to have Marines take the lead on urban warfare to prevent cities from distracting the Army too much. But I've long wanted that (see my article starting on page 38).

May our preparations never be needed.