Friday, February 09, 2018

Russia Delusion

The Final Year documentary was supposed to be the documentary on the pre-Hillary administration. It is really an indictment of American foreign policy, with a damning portrayal of Secretary of State Kerry:

The movie portrays Kerry as a clueless and oddly endearing popinjay who lurches from photo-op to photo-op, shaking hands with one international grifter after another, getting his pocket picked all the while.

Kerry's utter confusion that the Russians screwed him over in a failed 2016 Syria ceasefire agreement is damning.

I had utter contempt for Kerry, noting "John Kerry's impressive stumbling around the world stage[.]"

The Russians loved him of course:

When Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is smiling this broadly, you can be sure that he's taken Kerry's lunch money and given our top diplomat a wedgie[.]

Worst secretary of state ever.

Collusion with the Russians is far more dangerous when combined with delusions of Russian good will and of your own diplomatic skills.

I remain grateful that Kerry was only secretary of state and was denied the White House in 2004.