Sunday, November 26, 2017

One, Belt, One Road, One Worry

Is China's ambitious New Silk Road (rebranded as One Belt, One Road) already running into fatal problems?

China has a grand strategic economic plan involving Pakistan, Nepal and Burma and it’s unravelling. All three of these countries are pulling out of economic deals with China because the terms, as interpreted by China, are unacceptable. For the last few years Chinese officials have been describing their economic and military expansion plan internally as Obor (One Belt, One Road). Earlier in 2017 China went public with Obor via a PR campaign that described it as a revival of the ancient “Silk Road.”

The flag follows trade, but China is leading with the flag, it seems. Which locals are already worried about.

While I don't want China to succeed in this plan, as I've long written, I do want them to try.

A China that has significant interests inland to defend will have to divert resources to aero-land power and away from focusing on their aero-naval power that confronts America and our allies in the western Pacific.