Sunday, February 19, 2017

Shall I Share Your Location?

I have expressed a worry that our carriers could be self-targeting. It gets worse if our sailors and Marines are cooperative enough. Technology really is catching up with my worries, it seems:

India is the latest country where the military has been forced to deal with the problems created when soldiers have their cell phones with them while on duty. ... Indian commanders feel they have a unique problem in that Pakistani hackers working for the military have managed to install malware (malicious hidden software secretly installed on a computer) on cell phones and laptops used by Indian offers and used that to capture what was on the infected device and also secretly turn on the camera and record what was in view.

If I was in the Chinese navy, I'd sell cheap burner smart phones in every port of call our carriers pull into in the hopes of selling some infected versions of the phones to Internet-addicted crew members.

We tell ourselves that the enemy kill chain to reach our carriers is long and vulnerable. Unless it isn't, of course.

I know I come back to this issue more than I think I do. Heck, I used a similar title in a recent one!