Tuesday, December 06, 2016

No Longer an Abstract Phenomenon

I figured that Chancellor Merkel and her allies in Germany didn't worry about the consequences of mass migration from poor areas struggling with Islamic warfare because their wealth and status insulated them from problems that ordinary people can't avoid.

Now she and her allies will care very much:

A teenage Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested after allegedly raping and drowning a 19-year-old German student in the city of Freiburg. The student was the daughter of a top EU official, the UK’s Sunday Express reports, and volunteered regularly at a refugee center.

One of the children of the elite, properly volunteering to help, was murdered. The money and status and homes far from refugee centers behind proper security screens did not protect the young German victim.

Yes, I know. Plenty of blond German men are rapists and murderers, too. But that's why Germany has police and courts and all that. Your own citizens are going to have a certain number of criminals, and you fight them because you must.

But why invite more potential rapists and murderers in when you don't have to?

Some months ago, an African-America man interviewed on TV about the attention given to victims of Chicago police compared to the inattention of the many more people killed in Chicago said that there was no comparison. He said he expects some number of fellow civilians to be criminals. What he doesn't expect is that the police will kill with no more thought than the criminals. The police are supposed to protect civilians. I don't know if I ever argued that point before I heard that man explain his thinking (being out of my usual lanes), but I sure haven't made it since then. The man is right.

I still think the Black Lives Matter leadership is just a scummy bunch of left-wing activists, but Chicago people really do have the right to expect more of their police than they expect of gang members.

The same reasoning applies to refugees and migrants.

The citizens and legal residents already in Germany will have some level of criminal element. That's why we have police and courts. We punish our own to protect the rest of us.

But those seeking to come in to a country for safety or even freedom have no right to expect that they will be treated the same as people already living in the country of arrival. The migrants/refugees are asking for help and the people being asked have the right to set the conditions for helping and have the right to demand better behavior than is tolerated for those already living in the country.

The country of arrival has every right to block immigrants from entering their society to protect their own people and the have the right to screen applicants to enter with any degree of depth that the country of arrival wants. Why needlessly bring in more criminal elements--even though they surely are a small minority--when you don't have to?

Now that the daughter of a top EU official has been raped and murdered by a young refugee when she was a volunteer to help the young criminal's compatriots seeking asylum, the worries of those who wonder what German immigration policy is doing to Germany might get a more respectful hearing.

UPDATE: See? Now Merkel cares:

Angela Merkel laid out her case for a fourth term as German chancellor on Tuesday, seeking to energize her conservatives with a call to ban full-face Muslim veils and the promise of a tougher stance on immigration after a record influx of refugees.

That was way faster than I expected.

UPDATE: Scroll down a bit for terrorism trends, from Strategypage. And yes, this is related.