Thursday, November 03, 2016

Near the Heart of Darkness

This doesn't qualify as a war we are fighting, I guess, but for the last 5 years our intelligence, logistics, and even air support have been important in reducing the cruel and bizarre Lord's Resistance Army that has plagued Uganda mainly:

Exactly five years ago this October, about 100 United States Army Special Forces deployed in Central Africa to assist the Ugandan military in its fight against the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and its leader, Joseph Kony. U.S. involvement has played a crucial role in reducing LRA troop strength to the lowest in its history, although Kony remains at large and his group continues to abduct civilians.

Consider it an early example of more direct action that AFRICOM is increasingly taking part in around Africa to fight jihadis who destabilize regions.

And consider how quietly this effort has been. Tell me this wouldn't be a "secret war" if being fought by a Republican president.

While not related to the fight against jihadis, it too is a long war. And our involvement helps prevent Ugandan forces from using ineffective force against the LRA that provokes civilian anger at the government on top of fear of the LRA.