Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exercises in Futility

My computer continues to be taken over by Windows 10 when Microsoft deems I don't really need to use my computer.

Then a couple days ago, I decided that maybe I had a virus. Botnets do that right? Maybe I'm unfairly blaming Microsoft.

Now, I do run full Windows Defender scans relatively frequently. And even when I don't it does say it is protecting my computer.

Still, I went to the Microsoft security site and ran their malware software. It took 4 or 5 hours, but it did discover some ransomware virus on my computer. Which it deleted.

How I got that I have no idea.

Apparently I'm not ransomworthy. I don't use online banking out of fear of just such a thing. I don't store passwords on my computer.

But just in case the malware grabs passwords as you type them in, I changed passwords on my important sites. Which was a pain.

Not that I've had any apparent problems on any accounts. But why take the chance?

Which makes it no less of a pain.

And today, my computer was again taken over by Microsoft making it virtually unusable as disk, memory, and CPU capacity are redlined up to 100%.

Just screw them. It was almost a relief when I discovered I had malware since if that was causing the problem, I got rid of the cause.

But no, Microsoft continues to treat the Dell computer I thought I bought as just something that is loaned to me when it is convenient for Microsoft.

And I don't know what they do with it while they take over, but it wasn't protecting my computer from a ransomware virus.

UPDATE: And Wednesday morning Microsoft has again taken over my computer, rendering it useless. They don't even make a ransom offer.

This update is via my phone, of course.