Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Imagine Two Law Suits

I love technology. I especially love how people who develop technology don't see how it can be mis-used.

Remember when kids would photocopy someone else's license place to place over their own while they ran red lights equipped with red light cameras to issue tickets?

And now we have autonomous braking:

How cute! The girl's friends rescued her from being embarrassed by dad driving up to school with her!

So what happens when kids in a pickup truck pull ahead of a car in a different lane and then dump an empty washing machine box in front of a car to watch the autonomous brakes kick in?

So what happens when carjackers pull in front of a car suddenly and force the target car's braking to kick in, in order to rush the driver with guns?

Remember, it brakes when you don't want to.

In a world where only accidents are the problem, autonomous braking is great.

In a world where real people with real ways to exploit technology for evil exist, I think this is a mistake.

No doubt there will be law suits when pranksters and crooks exploit autonomous braking. You heard it here first.