Monday, November 30, 2015

The Car Bomb Footprint Threat in Paris

President Obama last week urged world leaders to defy ISIL following the Paris massacre by meeting in Paris this week to--wait for it--discuss the climate:

US President Barack Obama insisted Sunday he would go ahead with a visit to Paris for world climate talks despite the deadly attacks there, urging other leaders to attend and show "we are not afraid" of extremists.

As world leaders fearlessly gather in Paris following the ISIL massacre to talk about halting the scourge of global warming in its tracks--which may not happen, which may not be primarily our fault, which may not be bad, and which we may be able to cope with at a far lower price in money and freedom rather than by trying to halt it--France will deploy a massive security screen to protect these leaders and their loyal minions from the car bomb footprint of jihadis.

In order to discuss climate change and these leaders' fear of carbon dioxide.

There are protesters who insist that the gathered leaders confront the deadly threat marched and chanted around the planet:

"Protect our common home," declared placards held aloft as thousands gathered in Melbourne.

Oddly, they seem fixated on temperaturephobia rather than on the jihadis who have plagued our homes in this era of Islamist terror.

I really just don't get nuance.