Saturday, October 31, 2015

How's that Responsible Regional Partner Project Going?

We're told by our intellectual betters that a nuclear deal with Iran that prevents them from going nuclear for--at best--fifteen years is perfectly fine because Iran will be transformed by hope and change into a responsible regional partner. How's that going?

Let's not even get into Iran's escalation in Syria as a partner of Russia on behalf of Assad. Let's talk small picture:

A prominent Iranian-American businessman has been detained by authorities in Iran, potentially throwing up another obstacle to closer U.S.-Iran ties in the wake of the nuclear deal between the countries.

Siamak Namazi was detained by Iranian authorities in mid-October, according to a source briefed on the matter who requested anonymity. He had been traveling in Iran, where his parents live, to visit family and was barred from leaving the country in July, the source said.

Mullah-run Iran loves to have hostages.

And please note the neutral lamentation of the reporter that the detention has potentially (!) thrown up an obstacle to closer American-Iranian ties. Darn the bad luck just when things were going so swell!

But don't worry allies, just in case we actually strengthen a hostile Iran with this nuclear deal (but what are the odds of that happening?), we'll sell you lots of weapons.

Assuming anybody in Iran shares the fantasy view of the Obama administration and its supporters that America and Iran should have closer relations with shared regional objectives.

Since Iran took the hostage, Iran has thrown up the obstacle. No? This isn't some mysterious event that came out of freaking nowhere, right?