Monday, October 05, 2015

Clash of Civilizations

If our government doesn't fight jihadis, our people will.

I've said before that if we don't fight jihadis, our people will bypass our government to do it.

Here's a story about Westerners going to Syria to fight with the Kurds against ISIL. Why did they go?

It started the same way for each of them: watching the war on television, then acting on their feelings of impotence and anger. They bought plane tickets from Philadelphia or Miami or Washington and flew solo across the Atlantic, following the orders of a Kurdish militant on Facebook who barely spoke English. It was exciting; it turned them on. They were there to help.

And as I noted recently, I don't know what we are doing in Iraq, but it isn't waging war against ISIL.

The Syria front is even more incomprehensible.

So don't be too surprised if subsets of non-Moslem religions under attack from subsets of Islam organize to wage the war that governments seem reluctant to wage.

Welcome to privatized warfare.