Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nemesis Unleashed

The Greeks are threatening Europe:

Greece has threatened the rest of Europe with a “wave of economic migrants” that could include Isis militants if the country is allowed to go bust by international lenders.

In a shock escalation of the rhetoric surrounding bailout talks in Brussels, the Greek defence minister Panos Kammenos vowed: “If they strike us, we will strike them.”

And you thought I was joking?

NATO ally Greece is still pondering the question [of allowing Russian military overflights to Syria]. What the heck? Let Russian planes fly to Syria to stoke the civil war and let refugees from said war flow west to Germany. Win-win from Athens' point of view.

Actually, I'll guess--as I mentioned here--that this wave of migration already underway is part of a Russian effort to punish Europe for Ukraine-related sanctions and to get Europe to help Putin save Assad at an acceptable price to Russia. Greece only has a supporting role. As does Turkey, I suspect.

Well, at least the Greeks halted invasions of Europe from the east at Marathon and at Salamis. I guess they've done enough.