Friday, June 19, 2015

A Damn Fool Thing in the Balkans?

Balkan states can maneuver between outside powers to gain better deals.

Will China be one of the outside powers in addition to the more traditional seekers of influence?

And will Greece--notwithstanding its membership in NATO--make a dramatic maneuver to escape their financial crisis? That's possible.

UPDATE: Are the Greeks head-faking away from Europe by flirting with Russia?

And yes, a Greek default that leads them to leave the Euro and perhaps even the European Union might be a small lesson on borrowing and spending that we could all use before we reach Greek levels of financial distress.

And yes, it is bonus territory if it helps take down the autocratic European Union proto-empire by nullifying any notion that there is a Brezhnev Doctrine for the European Union.

I believe I've been more or less clear on my opinion of the EU.

But I worry more about whether Greece leaves NATO and rents itself out to China or even Russia if a new patron willing to ship money to Athens will allow the far-left Greek government to deny the lesson their default on Western loans might teach the rest of us.

UPDATE: Would Greece actually flip?

Will they fall in with Vladimir Putin? Probably not. But it wouldn’t be much out of character.

That's probably about right. I don't really expect it. But I wouldn't be shocked.

The same can be said for Putin's willingness to bankroll the flip. I don't imagine Russia can afford it. But the idea of sticking it to America with a dramatic gesture would really appeal to him.

Now China on the other hand, has motive and means ...