Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Unleash the Adjectives!

NATO will soon have the ability to throw 5,000 men in front of the Russians:

The Very High Readiness Joint Task Force will include about 5,000 troops primarily from France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain, with maritime, special operations and aviation units. It’s meant to give the rest of the 30,000 service members in NATO’s response force time to mobilize.

Mind you, we had a NATO Response Force already:

The NATO Response Force (NRF) has reached its full operational capability (FOC), allied leaders meeting for their summit in Riga, Latvia, announced on 29 November [2008].

But I guess it wasn't much of a force and wasn't able to respond. Who knew FOC was too slow to matter? It obviously wasn't "very" anything!

But this new joint task force is different. It has adjectives.

It has "very high readiness." As opposed to mere "high readiness" or the more pedestrian "readiness."

So we've got that going for us.