Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trigger Warning: I Think You "Activists" are Asshats

So, the former student/activist who led the ultimately failed petition attempt to block the showing of American Sniper at the University of Michigan turns out to be one of the attackers who vandalized the door of an American Moslem student who dared to write for a conservative campus newspaper.

Initially, the university administration responded to the petition by cancelling the show and substituting Paddington Bear--a children's movie!

I have to admit, despite the reputation of left-wing activism on campus (and it was there in force when I trod the halls many years ago), I had to laugh at the substitution.

I dared hope that this was a slap at the activists. You can't handle a movie about an American soldier who saved Moslem lives by killing the jihadi scum who preyed on them with IEDs and bullets in the night?

Fine. Have a children's movie that won't push you into a despairing fetal position. Only showing Teletubbies would have been a more obvious insult to these jerks, I thought.

But I haven't heard anything on this motivation despite the apparent Twitter intervention of our new football coach that shamed the administration into reversing the cancellation.

Surely, such a quick reversal supports my insult theory, doesn't it? Surely even a liberal college has limits on being idiots, doesn't it?

Anyway, the former student complained that she spent four "exhausting" years doing "anti-oppressive" work in Ann Arbor.

Let me just say that this isn't exactly a target-rich environment for that sort of thing. Maybe spending four years in the Army working in the CENTCOM region would have given her a better view of actual oppression of Moslems (by other Moslems) than the apparently microaggression-rich environment of Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the second decade of the 21st century.

What a fragile special snowflake that young woman must be. Good luck with that.

Tip to Instapundit.

UPDATE: Let's ponder the massive brain failure of "anti-oppressive" activists thinking Chris Kyle (that American sniper) was the problem in Iraq for Moslems:

In another move to enhance their reputation among the more radical Moslems ISIL declared that only Iraq and Syria are truly Islamic and that all other Moslem majority countries are not. This makes it possible to justify killing Moslems who are now, according to ISIL, not really Moslems but heretics and pretenders. This offends most Moslems and makes ISIL more hated.

Al Qaeda's successor--ISIL--has moved way beyond microaggressions.

But asshat activists believe they are defending Moslems and Arabs by opposing American efforts to destroy the murdering bastards.

And those murdering bastards surely wouldn't think it proper for a good Moslem woman to attend a large public university and go out without male escorts from her family--even if it was for the good cause of vandalizing another Moslem's door.

That's the really funny thing. That young deluded Moslem woman activist would be a prime target for the jihadis she thinks were killed for their "race."

UPDATE: I'd also like to point out that Michigan's new football coach did more to defend campus free speech in one Tweet in defense of showing American Sniper than the entire English Department has achieved this decade.

And I do have to credit the school administration for not putting up with the nonsense in the end. I would love to hear why they substituted a children's movie initially. It had to be an insult, right? Even if the activists were too dense to notice?

Meanwhile in Iraq, ISIL microaggression continues to increase the body count:

Seven people were killed when a car bomb exploded in a commercial area in the town of Mahmoudiyah, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of Baghdad, a police officer said. The car was parked in a mainly Shiite section of town near a bakery and went off as people were standing in line to buy bread.

Another 13 civilians were wounded in the attack, he said.

Hours later, another car bomb exploded in a parking lot outside Baghdad's Yarmouk hospital, killing four civilians and wounding 10, the official said. Three more civilians were killed and eight wounded when a bomb ripped through an outdoor market in Baghdad's northern Sabi al-Bor area, police added.

Luckily, CENTCOM is working on anti-oppressive work there.