Sunday, March 15, 2015


How unsophisticated and ignorant are the Iranians? They're so dumb that they didn't know they were doomed in Syria.

In an age when our educated elites tell us of the futility of helping Ukraine resist Russia, Taiwan resist China, and non-jihadi rebels resist Assad, Iran's hopelessly ignorant Pasdaran (Revolutionary Guards) jumped into a hopeless position and gave Assad a fighting chance:

“Iranian military commanders liberated 85 percent of Syrian territory previously controlled by the opposition, at a time when Assad had accepted defeat,” Hussein Hamdani, a top IRGC general, told Iran’s Rasa news agency this week.

Iranian officials have acknowledged the vital role Hezbollah has played in allowing the Islamic Republic to exert new levels of influence across Syria as well as other flashpoints in the Middle East such as Iraq, Yemen, and Gaza.

“That is a huge advance for them [the Iranians]. It’s gigantic. Can you imagine them having that much control in Syria a few years ago before this crisis happened?” says Phillip Smyth, a researcher at the University of Maryland and author of the Hizballah Cavalcade blog, which focuses on Shiite militarism in the Middle East.

Even Assad thought he was doomed at one point.

Not that I think that Assad is out of the woods. I think the odds of him losing the war are higher than the odds of winning, actually.

Of course, it helps the Iranian effort that the Persian Iranians are willing to fight to the last Arab--200,000+ and counting, including 1,000 dead Hezbollah fighters in a force that has been kept at 5,000 shock troops.

It just frustrates me that the supposed religious fanatics aren't content to let Allah decide what happens, and act to change events to their liking; while our secular leaders act like the future is written in stone by some impersonal (non-God, to be sure) force, and our intervention is irrelevant.

I guess that's the difference between having rulers who believe in their cause versus rulers who believe they have to apologize for America.

I'll admit I'm jealous.

UPDATE: Our CIA should be spreading propaganda in the Shia Arab world bragging about Iran's success while boasting about how many Arab martyrs are being created to achieve this "great victory."