Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Matter of Convenience?

Hillary Clinton could have spent the 58 seconds it takes to download a gmail app to her iPhone. It was not as "convenient":

Hillary Clinton, under attack for using a personal email address to conduct U.S. State Department business, defended the practice on Tuesday as a matter of "convenience," but her comments failed to calm critics, who accused her of secrecy.

But no, it was more convenient to buy a domain and server, set it up on her own property, have security guard it (and continue to guard it), and not mention it at all over the last couple years despite requests for her State Department emails and her defense that she has obeyed all the laws (what about policies that got her employee fired for using private email?) regarding email retention?

And I love that "critics" accuse her of "secrecy." Calming the critics is the issue rather than the secrecy, apparently.

How convenient.

Nixon in a pantsuit.