Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Real Glavni Vrag

While Russia appeases China to allow them to focus on the paranoid fantasy of a conflict with a NATO incapable of posing a military threat to Russia, China gains ground against Russian influence in the former Soviet republics in Central Asia:

In some states, such as Turkmenistan, migration back to Russia has long since begun because of an increasingly inhospitable socioeconomic if not cultural environment. So while Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will not directly challenge Moscow here, they will proceed by other means to strengthen their own national identity at the expense of the past Russian supremacy in culture and politics. Russian culture will hardly disappear anytime soon from Central Asia but it is steadily losing ground and will increasingly be more of a historical relic than a working alternative except in certain specific environments. English and Chinese, especially as China keeps building Confucius Institutes and consolidates its primacy as Central Asia’ main commercial partner, will displace Russian. And increasingly it appears that under the circumstances there is not much Moscow can do about it.

A good start for Moscow would be to stop thinking of NATO as the main threat to Russia.