Friday, December 05, 2014

Yeah, What Difference--at This Point--Does it Make?

Ah, now we are setting red lines behind our foes:

"The United States and countries that support Ukraine's sovereignty and rights do not seek confrontation," Kerry said.

"It is not our design or desire that we see a Russia that is isolated through its own actions," he said, "In fact we are convinced that Moscow could rebuild trust and relationships if it simply helps to calm turbulent waters, if it takes steps now to implement the Minsk Protocol," he added.

He said Moscow should not only meet its commitments under the Minsk ceasefire accords but also withdraw Russian troops and weapons from eastern Ukraine and use its influence on pro-Russian separatists to release all hostages.

Leave eastern Ukraine and we can talk.

But what about Crimea? Where Putin's conquest has been followed by small scale thievery:

The studio, nestled in the hills overlooking the Black Sea, is just one of thousands of businesses seized from their owners since Crimea was annexed by Russia eight months ago. Crimea's new pro-Moscow leaders say the takeovers, which they call nationalizations, are indispensable to reverse years of wholesale plunder by Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs.

Is that thievery forgotten?