Friday, December 12, 2014

Like We Don't Have Enough Headaches

I'm not sure why Putin is so dead set against Ukraine joining NATO. It's not like being in NATO is any particular bar to being friendly to Russia.

Apparently, 1956 is too dim a memory for Hungary's leader:

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has vowed to remake Hungary into a "non-liberal" state, now wants mandatory drug testing for journalists and politicians.

He's been hostile to rule of law, he's been making happy noises about Putin, and now this.

Mandatory therapy is more like it.

UPDATE: There are Hungarians upset that Orban wants to destroy the gains of 1989:

Buoyed by pressure from the United States, throngs of ordinary Hungarians are fighting back against Prime Minister Viktor Orban's drive to consolidate power through a perceived crackdown on civil liberties.

Let's hope they can defend freedom where we thought it was already won.