Friday, December 19, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For--Cuban Edition

Okay, I'm going to feel a little sorry for President Obama in this post.

For decades, American leftists have been condemning America for our economic embargo on communist Cuba.

So President Obama decided to lessen Cuba's isolation within his powers outside of statutory provisions (well, so far he isn't issuing memos to amend statutes). Take that, future Republican-controlled Congress! I'm relevant! My base will love me for this!

Only Nixon can go to China? Child's play! Only Obama can go to Cuba! Can you say "legacy?"

Sure, the president probably got a momentary bump in popularity from the crowd.

But then the Left realized that their long-held wish has a downside--Cuba might actually become prosperous! (Tip to Instapundit.)

Starbucks? McDonald's? In pristine, authentic Cuba? The horror!

Maybe our Left will get lucky and they'll get to go to Chebucks and McJefe's for their morning Jose' and a Maximo Mac with cheese.

Truly, our president is justified to think, "I just can't win with these guys!"

As much as I think the president's move is a mistake that achieved nothing for us, I eagerly await the annual reports on Cuba's carbon production increases in future years.

I'm disappointed that I didn't see this reaction coming.