Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lesson in Feminism

It's wrong for a man to wear a shirt with bullet-bra'd cartoon women on it (tip to Instapundit). But if an actual woman wants to wear a bullet bra it is wrong to judge her for defining her sexuality.

Got it.

You know, I wouldn't wear a shirt like that. Indeed, my daughter brought a refrigerator magnet from Las Vegas back for me that featured a bullet bra-wearing woman. She thought it was funny.

When she later noticed it was on the side of the refrigerator I explained that while it was funny, I didn't think it was really appropriate for the front.

But come on. The man put a friggin' robot on a friggin' comet. For feminists, one of whose leading members once proudly proclaimed to the approval of the rank and file that she'd service the president orally if he kept abortion legal, the outrage over a shirt is a bit much.

Feminism isn't about gender equality any more. Face it, feminists are just the Women's Auxiliary of the Democratic Party, these days--at best.

UPDATE: Related, via Instapundit.