Thursday, November 06, 2014

And Another Thing ...

In Fall 2013, the Obama administration waved an agreement in triumph that they said would eliminate Syria's chemical weapons capabilities by summer 2014. That triumph continues.


The demolition of a dozen remaining chemical weapons production facilities in Syria is scheduled to begin later this month while work will continue on the verification of the government's declarations, Australia's U.N. envoy said on Wednesday. ...

"The destruction is scheduled to commence later this month and likely to be completed ... around the summer of next year," he added, citing information from Kaag.

So, summer 2015.

Assuming nothing else is discovered.

And forgetting that Assad is still using chemical weapons (chlorine gas) not covered by that agreement.

And until we are satisfied that Assad doesn't have anything else to declare, our options to act against Assad are constrained because as long as Assad still has chemical weapons capabilities--no matter how much we destroy under the agreement--Assad can gas away and eliminate this diplomatic triumph from the annual reports of our State Department.

So there you go.