Wednesday, October 01, 2014

You Go to War With the President You Have

The Secret Service failure to maintain a security bubble around President Obama is unacceptable.

He's our president. He has to be kept safe. Period. Especially in a time of war when an assault would hearten our enemies.

And I'd say that even if Biden wasn't first in the line of succession.

UPDATE: Really? A New York Times writer doesn't think conservatives can be concerned about the health of our president because he's an opponent (tip to Instapundit)?

Can it really be too difficult to recognize that citizens who strongly disagree with the president of the republic don’t want him to be murdered? Is the moral imagination of the center-left truly so barren as to presume as a matter of course that vehement and caustic political opposition must, eventually, lead to execution?

I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose. In college I knew someone who was thoroughly delighted that President Reagan was shot.