Sunday, October 05, 2014

What Part of "Ceasefire" is Unclear to the Russians?

Russia's hand puppets in eastern Ukraine are continuing to attack--notwithstanding the "ceasefire"--the Donetsk airport that Ukraine's forces are holding. Why isn't Ukraine reinforcing the defenders there?

This is ridiculous:

The rebels have set sights on an airport on the edge of their main stronghold city of Donetsk that could give them unfettered access to Russian supplies.

Outnumbered Ukrainian forces have clung on to the transport hub -- once the busiest in the industrial east -- with growing desperation. They briefly lost control of the first floor of its old terminal on Friday before claiming to have seized it back.

Unless Kiev is simply asking their defenders to fight and die until the Russian-backed (if not actual Russian) forces capture the airport, why not spare the lives of their ground forces who are expected only to lose?

Ukraine needs to reinforce and resupply those defenders and prepare to carry out local counter-attacks to either gain territory that blocks the enemy or are simply spoiling attacks designed to disrupt these attacks.

Or is the ceasefire simply a one-way street where Russia gets to decide when and where the fighting goes on until they get what they want?

Ukraine is still at war. They should act like it or they will lose that airport--and encourage secessionist attacks elsewhere.