Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Plot Thickens

Elements of the Left are so whacked out that 6 years after George W. Bush left office they think that evil plots are continuing in the Obama (Hope and Change Be Upon Him) administration.

So there is a question about whether ISIL is really beheading captives?

If I was in charge of ISIL information operations, I'd be really pissed at the notion that we go to all the trouble of beheading Western captives, filming the beheadings, and publicizing the films, and still Western lefties deny that we did it!

I'd be like, "What in Allah's name do we have to do to get through to these people that we're deadly serious? Conduct the beheading in Naomi Wolf's living room with her tied to a chair watching, like that guy in Clockwork Orange?!"

And there's bonus Crazyville musings that apparently the Obama administration is sending troops to West Africa to help the locals deal with Ebola for the purpose of bringing back Ebola to the United States in order to justify a military crackdown on people here!

As crazy as this is, it is nice to find out after all these years that Bush Derangement Syndrome wasn't about Bush at all. It's just Derangement Syndrome that even The One's administration can provoke.

Sure, these Leftists might say that it isn't Obama doing this, and if only he knew what was going on he'd stop it; but how different is that from the strain of BDS sufferers who claimed that Cheney was actually behind the evil, with Bush as the hapless village idiot who was just a figurehead for the evil cabal?

Still, you have to admit that there are some eerie coincidences.

Remember how the Left claimed that Iraq was just the first stop on Bush's (or Cheney's) Middle East Tour and that we'd hang a left at Baghdad and go after Syria before reversing course and hitting Iran?

Surely you remember that!

I'm just saying that shortly after President Obama committed American troops to fighting in Iraq (again), we turned left at Mosul and began a war in Syria.

President Obama is apparently so bad that he can't even wait to finish off our enemy in Iraq before beginning the next war! (Or maybe the shadowy cabal is so behind schedule that "they" have to resort to concurrent wars to get back on schedule? Perhaps Naomi can find out.)

What's the matter with Kansas? What's the matter with the Upper West Side is a better question.