Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rain Dictator

Better relations with Russia can only come after Putin has passed from the scene.

Because he is close enough to nuts for the difference not to matter:

If President Vladimir Putin is Russia, as a senior Kremlin official said this week, then this country is angry, humiliated and suffering from an almost paranoid fixation on the U.S. as the root of all the world’s troubles.

In a closing speech and question-and-answer session today at Russia’s annual state-sponsored Valdai conference, Putin said he was going to be frank -- he was more than that. He dived into a long list of slights and wounds inflicted by the U.S. on Russia and the world since the end of the Cold War, and gave every sign of digging in for a long period of confrontation.

Ow! A long list of slights and wounds? Serious injuries? Is Putin serious? Uh oh:

And Putin is only up to half of G in his list of slights and wounds. Give the man his tooth picks and maple syrup, for God's sake. Because on Wednesdays he has Ukrainian territory.

Like I said, Russia is not our fault. And they have more nuclear warheads than we do.

Have a super sparkly reset day.

UPDATE: The Soviet Union is dead. But the useful idiots in the West who parrot Putin's charges of American guilt for the problems of the world remain.