Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm Reasonably Sure He's Correct

The president of Iran believes a nuclear deal with the West is possible:

"We have reached consensus on generalities and there are only the fine details to be worked out: whether we would reach an agreement within the next 40 days, if the time will be extended, etc.," the president told his people in a late evening address broadcast live on television.

I'm pretty sure Rouhani is correct.

Although I've lost track of the "deadlines" regarding Iran over the years, I've long believed that President Obama could reach a consensus with Iran over Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions.

Yes, the consensus is that, in general, Iran will pretend to stop work that could lead to nuclear weapons.

And we will pretend to believe them.

Anything more specific is a matter of mere fine details.

Have a super sparkly day.