Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I Begin to Hate Netflix

While Lamb has been watching Netflix on my computer, I've spent weeks not using it because I can't get it to work on my TV with any type of reasonable ease. I begin to hate Netflix.

I gave up on Netflix for several weeks, switching to watching DVDs.

Then a few days ago I managed to login and watched The Walking Dead. After a few episodes over the last several days, I was hooked.

So of course, Netflix has decided to just eff me over. Every device I own except my effing TV is able to connect to Netflix without a problem using my Internet service.

But the one way I like to watch--on my large screen TV--is hit or miss. Every once in a while it logs right in. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes. Sometimes a half hour if I can stand it. And sometimes never.

Or like tonight, after a struggle it lets me in only to then tell me it simply can't access that particular show.

And it shows me that error for every show I try to watch.

I reset my modem and router. Reset the Wii. And still nothing.

But it works fine on my computer, of course.

I begin to hate Netflix. As much as I like it when I can watch it, one day I will switch to the Amazon service just to end the access Hell that Netflix puts me through on a weekly basis.

To remind you, they claim it is my ISP quality. But that service works to get Netflix on every other device. Only the TV gives me a problem. And until this problem started, I used to have no problem on the same TV with the same service. And the TV can access YouTube with no problem at all.

Sorry. Just venting. Carry on. Nothing that beer can't dull.