Thursday, October 02, 2014

Because Latin America Misses Hugo Chavez?

Argentina could be a normal, modern country. But no, their so-called leader, Cristina Kirchner, wants to win the Nutball Olympics gold medal.

Oh, good grief:

Domestic business interests "are trying to bring down the government, with international (US) help," she said.

Kirchner said that on her recent visit to Pope Francis -- a fellow Argentine whose help she has sought in Argentina's ongoing debt default row -- police warned her about supposed plots against her by Islamic State activists.

"So, if something happens to me, don't look to the Mideast, look north" to the United States, Kirchner said at Government House.

Wow. Normally you have to have somebody in the White House named "Bush" to inspire fantasies like that. Truly, she is proving immune to the soothing balms of Hope and Change.

Britain had best watch the southern hemisphere even as they commit some forces to fighting ISIL in Iraq. I wouldn't rule anything from that basket case, Kirchner.

Seriously. With so many conflicts and crises around the world, she could very easily convince herself that an assault on the Falklands will be too low on the crisis list for the world--or America--to bother with.

UPDATE: Argentinians should contemplate what the end result is of tolerating a leader who sounds as nuts as Venezuela's:

The Venezuelan economy continues to collapse and the government is responding with desperate gestures that most Venezuelans know are mainly theater and will not help. Over a decade of far left economic policies have ruined the economy and the government fears backing down will be admitting responsibility for the mess and that could mean a violent revolution. So the leadership decided that doing more of what caused the problems will somehow make it all better. The government has to do something because of the growing threat of widespread organized violence by a population that gets angrier each day because of the shortages, inflation and unemployment.

No worries. I'm sure Kirchner can simply claim that President Obama is wrecking Argentina's economy, too.