Sunday, October 19, 2014

At the Mall

I went to the mall today, in which a toddler was saved from near injury.

I bought wooden spoons at a deep discount.

Checked out possible couch and shoe purchases.

Said "no thanks" to the pushy kiosk operator who tries to put cream on your face--and got really annoyed when she violated the boundaries of politeness to continue the interaction by asking me if she could ask me a question.

I ignored her. That kiosk really annoys me. Do I really look like a potential customer? Seriously?

I identified a potential Michigan cap for Lamb, since the one I got for her seems to have vanished in her mom's house.

I also finally bought something fried from that restaurant that recently replaced the hated sushi stand (which replaced the fresh-fried donut stand that was the subject of an early post on what was surely the old Geocities site). I realized I'd forgotten about it.

And I saw the most amazing parental save in my life. A young mother and the dad were pushing along a double stroller with two young children in it. The dad was pushing and the mom was walking next to them.

I know this because I was behind them and the mom was in really good shape. If I hadn't been in in a mall and hence on a countdown clock to get out before I become a "shopper" (aside from my need to get back home before the Lions game started--yes, they had a last-minute win to avoid sports frustration, thank you very much) I would have slowed down and gone wherever she was going.

Anyway, all was a happy afternoon at the mall. Me with chili cheese fries and wooden spoons, catching up with the lovely (from behind, anyway) young mom out with children and husband (I assume), when out of nowhere one of the toddlers decided to take a header out of the stroller.

Good grief, who would have seen that coming? Isn't this the parental fear I've gone on about over the years? Isn't this exactly why I did not turn on my fireplace while my kids were young out of fear that while I was in the kitchen one would toss a toy into the fireplace, causing it and then the child to burst into flames while my back was turned for one single freaking moment?

But the mom reached out and actually grabbed the child by the leg before the kid could hit the ground, saving her kid from potential injury.

Bravo! That was most amazing. The kid was crying from the shock of the whole experience but was fine. Heck of a catch, I must say.

I almost congratulated her as I went by, but didn't know how that would go over.

Anyway, that was my time at the mall today.