Monday, September 01, 2014


Remember that Russian "aid convoy" that Putin sent to eastern Ukraine? It was just a clever ploy for a Russian heist:

Ukrainian authorities have charged Russian Kamaz military trucks - painted white and then sent illegally into Ukraine for what Moscow had called a "humanitarian relief convoy" to cities in the eastern region - with being a cover for wide-scale looting of defence plants before returning to Russian territory.

Overhead photos on numerous websites show the trucks parked outside some of these looted facilities, which include the Topaz Holding Company in the city of Donetsk, the Lugansk Cartridge Works (LCW), and one of the satellite production facilities of the Motor Sich aero-engine production association.

These plants appear to have been put on a Russian intelligence 'target list' of Ukrainian defence production sites that have strategic significance for Russia's own defence industrial base and were to be stripped of hardware and production documentation while the areas in which they were located were still under the control of the Moscow-trained and -supplied militias that are fighting the Ukrainian military.

Never trust the Russians. If they offer you a hand to lift you from the ground when you are hurt, check for your wallet.

Under Putin, they have two exports: energy and chaos.