Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Usually, My Fantasies Involve Summer Glau

President Obama spoke on a national security issue. So naturally my contempt was reinforced by the fantasy world he apparently lives in.

I've noted before that my sympathy for our president always increases the longer I don't hear him speak about his views on an issue. We have difficult foreign policy problems for even the best president to cope with.

But the president's explanation of why we didn't help the Syrian rebels early on is why I have so little respect for our president:

“I think this notion that somehow there was this ready-made moderate Syrian force that was ready to defeat al-Assad was simply not true,” he said. “The idea that they could have defeated” Assad and jihadist groups, he added, “if we just sent a few arms, was a fantasy.”

Are you kidding me?

In what alternate world of reality was there a suggestion that "a few arm" would defeat Assad made?

What was needed was the conviction that we had a chance to harm an enemy of the United States if we'd stepped in to help rebels.

What was a fantasy was the president's apparent belief that his decree that "Assad must go" would be enough to defeat Assad.

If we're talking fantasies, that is.

I keep telling myself that we are a great enough country to endure 8 years of this kind of idiocy.

I have to believe that, really, just to sleep at night.

Yeah, just looking at Big Hope can inspire despair.