Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brain-Free Zones

When guns are outlawed, criminals will still have guns while even the children of law-abiding parents will be arrested for having toy guns (tip to Instapundit):

Just one day after her fifth-grader’s toy gun was discovered on a school bus leaving Douglas MacArthur Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia, his mom says he was arrested, dragged to court and questioned, photographed and fingerprinted. “Any time we get a call like this, we take it very seriously until we can determine the extent of the weapon, if it’s real or not, and what the student intends to do with it,” Alexandria Police Department spokesman Jody Donaldson told the Washington Examiner after the boy’s arrest.

Hey, nimrods, the kid probably wanted to play with the toy gun! I take it very seriously that the people charged with protecting us from actual threats are unable to distinguish between actual criminals with guns and children with toy guns.

Now this kid has a record of police interaction that will cast a shadow on his life. I'm thinking that if it saves even a single child's life, we need to punish school officials and police for such stupid assaults on a kid..

But hey, you have to admit that it is easier and safer to take on the kids with toy guns than actual criminals with real guns. I know most police are more than willing to confront real criminals. But if these officers don't stop this creeping idiots among them, they'll spend all their time protecting us from cap guns.

Freaking idiots. That's the real danger.