Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yin and Yang

In an era when China is throwing its weight around more, Peking's rulers would naturally like us to be more cooperative. China has room for optimism, it seems.

China is upset with America for our long-standing friendship with Japan and Taiwan, two states that China believes are in their sphere of influence. China is upset with our 2013 defense appropriation bill going to the President's desk for signature:

Two amendments to the $633 billion bill have drawn particular scorn from Beijing, which has unleashed a series of scathing articles and editorials in the state-run news media.

One provision in the bill says “the United States takes no position on the ultimate sovereignty of the Senkaku islands,” but endorses Japan’s administration of the fiercely disputed islands.

A commentary by Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, called the amendment “a gross violation of China’s sovereign rights.” ...

The other provision of the bill that has angered China expresses congressional support for the sale of dozens of new F-16 C/D fighter jets to Taiwan. The amendment, offered by Rep. Kay Granger, a Texas Republican, refers to Taiwan as “our key strategic ally in the Pacific.” ...

“The U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, an inalienable part of China, are the most sensitive issue standing in the way of bilateral ties,” China Daily said. “Any mishandling of the issue could derail what is widely seen as the most important bilateral relationship in the world.”

But China has hope for the future despite present friction. You have to take the good with the bad. That is life:

Meanwhile, the reception for Senator Kerry’s nomination has been far less contentious across Greater China.

Greg Torode, the veteran foreign affairs columnist for The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, wrote that Mr. Kerry has “forged a reputation as an intelligent pro-engagement pragmatist.”

Yes indeed, Senator Kerry has been studying for 8 years now to pass that "global test" to approve American military actions. Apparently, China is 50% of the test. And China has the answer key, it seems.

Yes indeed, Peking's rulers are confident that Kerry, for one, welcomes our new rising power overlords.

Kerry is no doubt sure he can be helpful to Peking for many years. It's the oozing gravitas, you know. It's the little blue pill for diplomatic types.