Thursday, July 07, 2011

Don't Mention the Lack of Warm!

So global temperatures have been flat since 1998. This is a touchy factoid for the Global Warmers. Why?

W-e-l-l, because just as ze war is to the Germans, Chappaquiddick is to the Kennedy family and that Portland masseuse incident to Al Gore, so the recent lack of warming is to the, er, Warmists. They hate it. It’s an affront to everything they believe in. Damn it, if the world isn’t warming with the alacrity they’d prefer, how are they going to keep the funding gravy train going, and how are they going to persuade an increasingly sceptical populace that the “science” is “settled”, the debate over and the time for action is now? That’s why they can’t reminded of the truth often enough. It’s like salting the slugs that are ruining your garden: necessary, but also kind of fun too.

Yes, I've enjoyed this fact immensely. Especially since it can be said that there was no global warming at all during the George W. Bush presidency.

The problem for the Warmers is that the "settled science" says the temperature should be going up. It says that if we keep pumping carbon dioxide into the air, the temperatures will soar and poley bears will die horrible deaths--among other horrible things blamed on global warming.

Well, we keep pumping more carbon dioxide into the air. But temperatures aren't rising. At least the polar bears are thriving, eh?

The point is that the settled science is missing something (probably lots of somethings) in their models. Oh sure, now they try to cover themselves by saying that we'll have a couple more decades of flat or even cooling temperatures, but then BAM!, watch the temperatures start soaring again then!

They may even be right. Although then we get to the questions of whether rising temperatures are actually bad; and if rising temperatures are bad we have to ask if their so-called solutions will help or hurt us.