Saturday, June 11, 2011

Admitting They Lost

Two PETA members tried to convince meat eaters that vegetarian eating is superior:

Two young animal rights activists in auto racing outfits served up vegetarian sausages to racing fans gathering Thursday for the weekend's Grand Prix, saying it was better than taking sex drugs.

Meat wins!

Until people have to form hamburger into vegetable shapes (or to look like cubes of tofu) to convince people to eat meat, I think we can safely say these PETA people are fighting a losing battle.

Of course, I don't care if people eat meat or not. So I'm not wasting my time trying to convert people.

Whenever I read about stuff like this, I recall years ago watching CNN (actually, I'm sure it was their Headline News variation) and seeing an anti-meat protest story. The activists chanted, "Meat is murder." And then there was a hilarious moment when one of the activists was being interviewed. She repeated the script of "meat is murder" and then hesitated--seemingly struggling internally over the wisdom of saying no more versus the need to say more.

And she said more. She blurted, "Milk is murder!"

I can only imagine that her off-camera comrades watching this public relations coup go bad had a mass facepalm moment as their on-camera spokeshuman made the classic "gaffe" of telling the truth as she saw it.

In future repeats of the story, CNN lopped off the best part of the story. Professional courtesy, I assume.

Face it, vegetables are good. I eat them. But no vegetable can match the joy of eating even a cheap fast-food burger let alone an expensive cut of meat.

I'm not ashamed of being at the top of the food chain--I'm grateful.