Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It Kills Armor, Too

We are sending the XM-25 to Afghanistan for battlefield testing:

After yet another year of testing and tinkering, the U.S. Army is finally sending some of its high-tech, but long delayed, XM-25 grenade launchers to Afghanistan. This was supposed to happen two years ago, but testing kept revealing things that needed to be tweaked. The first troops to get the initial five XM-25s will be paratroopers. Another 36 will quickly follow if there are no problems with the first five.

This weapon has an anti-tank capability, which will be of great use for infantry in a world where light armor is proliferating, as I concluded in this post about the weapon:

If main battle tanks are deemed obsolete by our enemies and they field light armored vehicles, the XM-25 will prove its worth, no doubt. Our infantry wouldn't need to rely on expensive and complicated anti-tank missiles or distant indirect or aerial firepower. They'd have cheap protection organic to each fire team.

The tests in the field won't show their anti-vehicle capabilities, of course. But that capability will be there for when it is needed.