Monday, September 28, 2009

Crawl, Walk, Run, Kill

The Iranians continue to test missiles with improved range:

In the latest exercise, the powerful Revolutionary Guard, which controls Iran's missile program, successfully tested upgraded versions of Iran's medium-range Shahab-3 and Sajjil missiles, state television reported. Both can carry warheads and reach up to 1,200 miles, putting Israel, U.S. military bases in the Middle East and parts of Europe within striking distance.

Every day that goes by that we fail to confront Iran, they get better at the technology of mass murder. Eventually, they'll perfect missiles that can hit Europe and then get missiles that can hit America.

And if you've forgotten, they also want nuclear warheads.

Have a lovely friggin' day.

UPDATE: Oh, and about that warhead thing:

The Israelis, who have delivered veiled threats of a military strike, say they believe that Iran has restarted these “weaponization” efforts, which would mark a final step in building a nuclear weapon. The Germans say they believe that the weapons work was never halted. The French have strongly suggested that independent international inspectors have more information about the weapons work than they have made public.

Meanwhile, in closed-door discussions, American spy agencies have stood firm in their conclusion that while Iran may ultimately want a bomb, the country halted work on weapons design in 2003 and probably has not restarted that effort — a judgment first made public in a 2007 National Intelligence Estimate.

The NIE bit is amazing. As I wrote at the time, just read the NIE public summary and you'll see that it in no way clears Iran. But it was spun that way and the press went along with that charade.

So the question of whether all those who insisted the 2007 NIE cleared Iran will admit they were wrong now is answered clearly--no they won't. They had no reason to conclude in 2007 that Iran was innocent, yet they did. Today's headlines about secret enrichment facilities won't change the determination to ignore Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Iran continues on the path of the crawl-walk-run-kill continuum, and debates over precisely where they are ignore the obvious destination.