Monday, January 19, 2009

Feel the Love?

I can't believe that Taiwan is reacting to China's verbal charm offensive without waiting for actual military stand downs across the Taiwan Strait:

Taiwan is considering cutting its troop strength by as much as a third as relations with China improve, reducing the spectre of war between the two political rivals, sources and media said on Monday.

The Ministry of National Defence is studying a plan to slash the island's 275,000 troops over the next four years, with an exact number yet to be decided, ministry spokeswoman Lisa Chih said. Local media said troops could be cut to about 180,000.

"Relations with China will definitely factor into our plans," Chih said.

I'm seriously stunned that Taiwan would let down their guard based on nice words from Peking.

If China is truly committed to letting Taiwan decide on their own to join China at some point in the future, why would China care if Taiwan is capable of holding off a Chinese assault?