Thursday, May 31, 2007

Curtain of Despotism Still Descending

Lefties are divided between those who believe we are currently living under the Bushtatorship and those who think it is about to arrive (usually timed with national elections). This fear continues despite the inconvenient fact that they swept to victory in both houses of Congress. For a while, talk of rigged Diebold voting machines, voter suppression, and Bush martial law died down.

But the reality-based community can't be fooled by such diabolical distractions. Surely, throwing the 2006 Congressional elections was just another Rovian plot so deep and cunning that only Leftists with the college record of an Al Gore could see through the machinations.

Behold the brilliance of the reality-based community.

The End is Near Lefties are issuing a new warning (tip to Instapundit): President Bush will declare martial law so he doesn't have to leave office in 2009 at the end of his second term.

Really. That's what the guy wrote. Though the author is perplexed that the ACLU isn't terribly concerned about the smoking gun he discovered. Go figure.

Terrorism is a made-up threat according to the Left, but President Bush's imposition of martial law is always imminent. Congressional hearings are, of course, necessary. All these guys have left is fear itself, it seems.

What a bunch of weenies. In what way is this the "reality-based" community?