Saturday, January 27, 2007

On the Bright Side ...

Tens of thousands of anti-victory protesters dirtied up the nation's capital today:

Convinced this is their moment, tens of thousands marched Saturday in an anti-war demonstration linking military families, ordinary people and an icon of the Vietnam protest movement in a spirited call to get out of Iraq.

Celebrities, a half-dozen lawmakers and protesters from distant states rallied in the capital under a sunny sky, seizing an opportunity to press their cause with a Congress restive on the war and a country that has turned against the conflict.

Marching with them was Jane Fonda, in what she said was her first anti-war demonstration in 34 years.

Actually, after four years of fighting in Iraq, I'm rather surprised that the so-called anti-war movement (you'd never find them protesting jihadis or Baathists who are fighting us) is still this small. Indeed, the early 2003 protests were larger than this one.

And as a bonus, Hanoi Jane finally has the opportunity to move beyond her past and become known as Fallujah Fonda.

Perhaps some enterprising reporter will ask her how she feels about the death and destruction that followed the communist victories in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia after she and her fellow defeatists betrayed our South Vietnamese friends leaving them the choice of re-education camps or fleeing to the high seas on flimsy boats, and left Cambodians to die in numbing numbers with skulls piled high by their executioners.

Perhaps reporters will ask Fonda if she thinks this time her buddies on the other side won't torture and kill our troops if they are captured.

But that's a record of death and misery pretty typical for the average American "peace" movement, really.

Also typical is the demographics of a typical anti-victory parade: a few fossils from the last war and the usual suspects of anti-Americanism:

Many national organizations are members of the UFPJ coalition, including: American Friends Service Committee, Black Radical Congress, Center for Constitutional Rights, CODEPINK, Friends of the Earth, Global Exchange, Gold Star Families for Peace, Green Party of the United States, Greenpeace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, National Organization for Women, National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, Not in Our Name, PAX Christi USA, RainbowPUSH Coalition, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, TrueMajority, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, US Labor Against the War, Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and War Resisters League. For
a complete list, please click here.

Yep, the usual rogue's gallery of lunatic lefties. Funny how the press never looks too closely past the press release about the "military families" and "ordinary people" who make up these rallies. They always find the one middle-aged woman with a job to interview and skip right over the leather-clad Anarchist or the lass with the I Heart the Dear Leader button.

But that is how front-group organizing is done. The communists stand behind the scenes and scrape up a few people who've recently used soap to stand in front of the cameras to be interviewed by the reporter who really just wished she could have been on the Mall in '68 back when people "cared." Good times ... Good times ...

Effing bastards.

I still think we can win faster than these losers can surrender in our name. After the authorities hose down the Mall, of course.

UPDATE: Feel the peace and love (via Instapundit). Why surrendering to evil gets such good press, I'll never understand.